Minggu, 27 Januari 2008

Arctic Monkeys Geek

aT Least...I bought the incridible album that i was think extinct...YESTERDAY!26"01"08!


Geez...I search my favourite indie punk band's album..ALL TIMES OF MY LIFE!!I bought the cd,and now i ripped all the songs,and i have it on my mp3!!Way too cool!
I searched it on Semarang,and they said,"SOLD OUT",I searched it on Semanggi Plaza with my old friend,Intan,they said the same word thaaaaat!VICTORY-VICTORY!I searched every where,sold out..I found a music store that sold all kind of lame cd's and cassete's.My mom going to there,because sha want 2 bought ROSSA.What an old lady,wanna bought a lame cd..In Pasaraya Manggarai.I think they're not gonna have arctic's newest
album,even Rossa they didn't HAVE!!They seling old movies like titanic,and that kind of junk..They seling rip dvd's!!!!Whoo...But I see a Britney Spears cassete.I take it,and what i look on the back...ARCTIC MONKEYS CASSETE!!Now that's wickedly funny..An old store,seling a COOL thing.. But my mom doesn't allow me to buy that..I want to buy it with my money.But I LEFT MY WALLET ON MY TOILET!Sniff...I'm cryed all night...Hukss.
But God is good..I finally bought it..Not the cassete,but the cd!I spent Rp 96.000,- ,expensive,but it's okay!I'LL DO ANYTHING 4 A.M.!!Hiyaaaa.!
Alex can't sing,but he talk fast,and he is just like rapping,tough..


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